Meet our Priest


My name is Fr. Doug Binsfeld. You can call me Fr. Doug, as it is easier to say than Fr. Binsfeld. But I’m fine with either one. It is good to be here, and I’m slowly getting settled. I’m trying and will try to get to know you as parishioners, but I’m not very good with names, so if I don’t remember your name please do not be offended. I will try to learn what is going on in the parishes and where things are located at the different parishes, as well as, trying to locate my own things after moving. I have been to both parishes and each parish has its own beauty. There are many new things for me to get to know and understand, and the same can be said for you in getting to know and understand me. As always, with such changes in life there are always temptations to be afraid and suspicious of the unknown. Keep in mind, that the main focus for all of us is to be Faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd. Jesus has come to Save us from this dark world of sin by leading and guiding all people who will repent of sin and believe the good news of entering into His Eternal Life in Heaven.

Jesus frequently reminded His apostles and disciples, “Do not be afraid” and “what is needed is Faith.” As we experience life, we always need to draw ourselves back to these basics of Faith in Jesus Christ, so that each of us can say with the apostle Paul with sincerity of heart, “All things work for good for those who are called to God’s purpose.” (Rom 8:28) When we have this level of Faith to believe as the apostle Paul did, then we find Jesus working something Good in everything, and this keeps us from bad attitudes of resentment, anger and hate. No matter if our situations and circumstances are seemingly good or seemingly bad, we trust that everything that happens to us in this life is part of God’s Plan to help each of us to face ourselves as we are. Times of difficulty and hardship will help us to recognize our weaknesses, shortcomings and inabilities by the way we respond to suffering. God permits suffering in our lives so that as we experience weakness and helplessness, we will turn to our All Powerful and Loving Lord Jesus Christ with Faith, Hope and Love asking for His Strength. St. Paul tells us, “for when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Cor 12:10) St. Paul practiced Faith, trusting that Jesus would bring something good out of everything, especially, during times of great hardship and difficulty. We are living in a time of many difficulties along with the potential of more hardships. Again, listen and do what Jesus said, ‘Do not be afraid.’ We are all called by God to do His Will by living Holy lives in keeping His Commands. Then we will acquire The Grace of humility, which enables us to accept things as they are and to eliminate our disordered arrogant human pride that wants to be in control of everything and do things our way. Keep seeking The Infinite Power of God’s Love through Faith, Hope and Love in Jesus Christ and trust in Him. It is Jesus Who fills our emptiness and need with Peace and Joy.

We are all called to be Holy; To be Saints of God. That is God’s Will for each of us, and hopefully, it is our will and desire to be free from sin through repentance, and to rejoice in God’s Loving Mercy. This is the best kind of change because we go from being trapped in the miserable state of a greedy, rebellious and self-willed sinful human nature to becoming The Image and Likeness of God Loves, as we love one another as God Loves us through all things and at all times. If we remain obedient to God’s Will for us, our fallen sinful human nature will rise anew into The Holy Nature of God by The Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ. I hope to journey with you as much as I can in the time that we will have together. God Bless you. Fr. Doug Binsfeld