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Our Lady of Fatima Rosary

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Our Lady of Fatima Rosary.  Pope St John Paul II said that the message of Fatima is more urgent today than it was in 1917 when our Holy Mother appeared to the 3 children.  The Queen of Heaven asked that the Rosary be prayed every day for the salvation of souls and the conversion of the world.  There is a nationwide effort to have a public Rosary said on the anniversary of each apparition date, which is being done at noon at the Our Lady of Grace statue at CTK (moved to inside the church if the weather is bad).  The dates left are: August 19th, September 13th, and October 13th.  Please join if you are able.  I want to thank those who organized this.  Questions call Lisa Schoenbeck:  605-265-0793.

Catholic Daughters events

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Christ the King Religious Education Program

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Religious Ed. If you have any questions please contact Steve Bierschbach 345-3447 or steven.bierschbach@gmail.com


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